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E-News - August 2012

by APA Regional and Intergovernmental Planning Division on 08/24/12

2013 National Planning Conference Division By-Right Session


The APA RIPD Division by-right session at next year's National Planning conference is entitled "Regional Planning: Challenges and Opportunities."  This session considers the relationship between state agencies and regional planning bodies, how regional planning is funded in different states, and how issues like transportation performance measurement, rural planning, and intergovernmental coordination are being handled at the regional level. The organizational structure of regional planning varies significantly from state to state. In this session, participants will learn about different organizational models of regional planning and the differing roles played by state government.


For additional information, please contact Alexander Bond, RIPD Division coordinator at alexander.bond@icfi.com.



2013 APA National Planning Awards


Tuesday, August 28, 2012 is the deadline to submit nominations for the 2013 APA National planning awards.  APA's website provides details on how to submit a nomination:




New PAS Report on Planning and Broadband


APA recently published a new PAS Report coauthored by Regional Division board member and e.Journal editor Ron Thomas, entitled "Planning and Broadband: Infrastructure, Policy, and Sustainability."  This PAS Report focuses on a new and important subject, especially for regional agencies. APA describes the publication as follows:


"Planners have mostly been absent from the research, planning, and development of broadband infrastructure, which has been driven instead by the provider companies, large-scale users (e.g., health care, education, and entertainment), major technology research institutions, innovation centers, technology experts, and federal agencies. In turn, many of these players have not seen broadband as a public planning issue - even when they recognize the public policy implications of broadband infrastructure.

Given the importance of broadband speed and access to individual and communitywide economic competitiveness, planners can no longer afford to sit on the sidelines. The public sector will increasingly become a critical partner with private-sector providers in assuring that our networks serve the entire nation, transcending purely market-driven criteria.

In the latest PAS Report, authors Kathleen McMahon, AICP, Ronald Thomas, FAICP, and Charles Kaynor offer best practices and case studies from cities and towns across the country that are successfully planning for broadband. The report provides practical ideas for closing the digital divide and using broadband to foster vibrant, sustainable communities."

PAS subscribers received the report in July. Additional copies are available through APA's Planners Bookstore at:http://www.planning.org/apastore/default.aspx.


APA State Chapter and RPA Sponsor "Tijuana Walking Tour"


The California Chapter of APA recently sponsored a Walking Tour of Tijuana, with the able assistance of staff from San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG), the regional planning agency for San Diego County.  The tour provided a unique opportunity for planners from across the state to learn about this major metropolitan area, and the many urban revitalization efforts that are taking place.  They also learned about the innovative collaborative cross-border planning efforts that are being coordinated by SANDAG and Tijuana IMPlan, Tijuana's regional planning agency.  An article about the tour is attached to this month's E-news.


The APA Regional and Intergovernmental Planning Division is now working with the Latinos and Planning Division on a webinar that will highlight the cross-border planning efforts that are taking place in the Tijuana - San Diego region and other cross-border regions such as El Paso - Juarez.  Stay tuned!

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