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E-News January 2013

by APA Regional and Intergovernmental Planning Division on 01/31/13

Northwestern Indiana Regional Plan Receives APA's 2013 Daniel Burnham Award


The Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission's (NIRPC) 2040 Comprehensive Regional Plan will receive the coveted Daniel Burnham Award for this year's best comprehensive plan at the APA National Conference in April.  NIRPC and its regional plan cover Lake, LaPorte, and Porter counties bordering on the southern end of Lake Michigan and the states of Illinois and Michigan.  These counties have a combined population of about 775,000 either in smaller cities such as Gary, Hammond, and Michigan City, in established or growing suburban areas, or in agriculture and open space areas. 


This regional plan was completed and approved in mid-2011 after a two and one-half year effort and various implementation actions commenced in 2012. The NIRPC is the designated Metropolitan Planning Organization for the region.  The plan includes transportation plans and programs as well as plans and programs for smart growth, urban revitalization, economic development, and protection of green infrastructure.  A total of 44 local governments were involved.  Total public involvement included well over a thousand individuals and stakeholders employing public engagement outreach through the keypad processes of America Speaks and an award-winning 500 plus person Forum on the Future for Northwestern Indiana.


Former NIRPC Director, John Swanson (very recently retired) as well as NIRPC Deputy Director Steve Strains have been or are members of the APA Regional and Intergovernmental Planning Division and were key participants in the development the NIRPC 2040 Comprehensive Regional Plan.  Later this year, the Division plans to develop a more detailed article on this award-winning regional plan through its E-Journal.


Division Adopts FY 2013 Budget and Work Plan

The APA Regional and Intergovernmental Planning Division adopted its budget and work plan for FY 2013 at its regular Board meeting on November 20, 2012.  We will be providing you with progress reports on the activities laid out in the Work Plan in future editions of E-News. 

SANDAG Releases Visualizations Toolbox

The San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG), which serves as the regional planning agency for the San Diego region, has created the Visualizations Toolbox - an online resource designed to provide planners with the latest examples of data visualizations. This project was supported by funding provided by the California Strategic Growth Council.  Many of the examples provided here focus on data-driven visualizations as related to issues of government and policy. TheVisualizations Toolbox provides a comprehensive resource to educate, provide information on best practices and create awareness on the fast-growing field of data visualizations.

To visit the Visualizations Toolbox site, click on http://engage.sandag.org/

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