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E-News May 2014

by APA Regional and Intergovernmental Planning Division on 06/02/14

Division Highlights - 2014 APA National Conference

RIPD By-Right Session on Regional Livable Communities  


Dan Reuter of the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) and our Division's new Chair moderated the Division's by-right panel, "MPO Livable Communities" at APA Atlanta.  Panelists included Ken Kirkey, Planning Director for the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) of the San Francisco Bay Area; Karla Weaver, Project Director for the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) in the Dallas - Fort Worth Area; and, Marsha McClaughlin, Planning Director for Howard County, Maryland, representing the Baltimore Metropolitan Council.  These agencies have some of the most extensive Regional Living Communities programs in the country and have committed millions of dollars to Livable Communities initiatives.  Over 150 people attended this APA conference panel session.  In the near future, the Division will post all three presentations on the Division's website.


RIPD Post-Conference Meeting on Regional Livable Communities


Immediately following the APA National conference, the Division held a meeting of all Regional Planning/MPO agencies interested in Regional Livable Communities.  Led by Dan Reuter, twelve regional planning/MPOs described their Regional Livable Communities programs or similar initiatives.  Presentations were given by the following:

  • Atlanta Region Commission
  • Baltimore Metropolitan Council
  • Denver Regional Council of Governments
  • Lehigh Valley Planning Commission
  • Metropolitan Council of Minneapolis/St Paul
  • Metropolitan Transportation Commission of the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments
  • North Central Texas Council of Governments
  • Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission
  • Puget Sound Regional Council
  • San Diego Association of Governments
  • Southern California Association of Governments


A summary report is being prepared and will be disseminated to all participants and interested agencies and individuals.  The Division will be engaging in additional Regional Livable Communities activities over the course of the next year.  For further information, contact: dreuter@atlantaregional.com or leeschoenecker@aol.com.   

Latinos and Planning Division/RIPD Session on Cross-Border Regional Planning

At the APA National Conference in Atlanta, members of the Latinos and Planning Division and Regional and Intergovernmental Planning Division sponsored a conference session highlighting their recent work on cross-border regional planning:

  • Monica Villalobos, chair of the Latinos and Planning Division, kicked off the session with an overview of the webinars that were produced by the two divisions on this topic during 2013 and talked about why planning along the US / Mexico border is so important from an economic, social and environmental perspective. 
  • Next, Dr. Cecilia Giusti, Associate Dean for Outreach and Diversity at Texas A & M University, talked about an initiative of the Latinos and Planning Division called "Dialogo on the Border." This event was held on April 19-20, 2013 in Brownsville, a border city in Texas. Dr. Giusti's presentation highlighted lessons learned in this unique community engagement effort: demographic realities, perceptions about poverty and isolation in border towns; and economic and development strategies in the planning of border areas.
  • Finally, Bob Leiter, former RIPD Board Chair, discussed cross-border regional transportation planning at the California / Baja California Border.  Mr. Leiter's presentation included a discussion of some of the challenges of cross-border transportation planning; the role of federal, state and regional agencies in preparing the groundbreaking "California / Baja California Border Master Plan;" and an overview of the many innovative transportation projects that are now being planned and constructed in the border region.

The conference session also included a brief discussion regarding the process by which the two divisions were able to co-produce two high-quality webinars, and lessons learned that can be shared with other APA divisions that would like to collaborate in this manner.


Irving Hand Honored as APA "Planning Pioneer"


During the awards ceremony at the APA National conference, Irving Hand was honored as a "Planning Pioneer" by APA. Established in 1986, this award now includes 85 practitioners and institutions.  Some of the "Planning Pioneers" include Ed Bacon, Pierre L'Enfant, Frederick Law Olmstead, Sr., and James Rouse. 


Irving Hand's contributions have been as a practitioner, an academic, a writer, and an APA leader.  As a practitioner, he directed metropolitan planning efforts in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Nashville, Tennessee.  At the State level, he was director of the Pennsylvania State Planning Board.  As an academic, he led the development and oversight of the majority of the planning curriculum at Penn State University, Capital Campus.  In the early 1980s, Irving Hand was one of the founders of the APA Intergovernmental Affairs Division, which evolved into the current Regional and Intergovernmental Planning Division.   


His direct contributions to the APA were extensive.  For example, along with Bruce McDowell (also a founder of the APA Intergovernmental Affairs Division), and Frank So of the APA staff, he edited the 1986 APA-International City Management Association, 625-page publication, The Practice of State and Regional Planning, including co-authoring chapters on the nature and administration of state planning.  Mr. Hand also served as National APA President as well as the President of the American Institute of Planners, now the American Institute of Certified Planners.  In 2000, Irving Hand became a Fellow of the American Institute of Certified Planners.  Looking back 30 to 40 years to the leadership and planning contributions of Irving Hand and others who helped to shape what is now the APA Regional and Intergovernmental Planning Division, we are blessed with a notable legacy of individuals who have made important contributions to regional, state, and intergovernmental planning.

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