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E-News October 2012

by APA Regional and Intergovernmental Planning Division on 11/06/12

RIPD Division Chair Rocky Piro Appointed as New Manager of Denver Department of Community Planning and Development

Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock recently announced the appointment of Rocky Piro as Manager for the Department of Community Planning and Development. In his capacity as manager, Piro will be responsible for implementing visionary city planning and ensuring safe, responsible, sustainable building throughout the city.

"A smart, 21st century planning department depends on innovative ideas,"Mayor Hancock said. "Rocky brings with him the knowledge to enact a global vision for Denver to help spur economic development while reinforcing the city's goals around sustainability and livability for our neighborhoods."

The Department of Community Planning and Development is in charge of managing, planning and building within Denver, including designing and implementing citywide and neighborhood plans, establishing construction and design standards, coordinating revitalization efforts, managing historic preservation and performing code enforcement and education.

"I'm excited to join this forward-thinking team and anxious to get to work implementing the Mayor's vision for city planning and development," Piro said. "I look forward to working with our agencies, neighborhoods, development community and other partners."

Piro will begin his work at the city on Dec. 10, 2012. A Denver native, Piro has worked with the Seattle-area's Puget Sound Regional Council since 1992, most recently as Program Manager of the Growth Management Department. Among his most notable achievements was the development of VISION 2040, a regional agreement on major new and emerging planning and policy issues - including sustainability, climate change and public health. The Puget Sound region's integrated long-range planning strategy is recognized as one of the most pioneering and innovative regional plans in the United States.

Piro has been active with professional organizations and with educational institutions. A member of the board of the American Planning Association's Regional and Intergovernmental Planning Division since 1987, he was elected chair in 2012. He also serves on the board of the International Urban Planning and Environment Association and has received a number of awards throughout his career, including the Professional Achievement Award by the Washington State Chapter of the American Planning Association. In 2010, Piro was inducted into the College of Fellows of the American Institute of Certified Planners.

Following a Bachelor of Arts degree from Valparaiso University, Piro earned a Master's Degree in Planning and Community Development from the University of Colorado-Denver in 1986 and a Doctorate of Urban Design and Planning from the University of Washington in 1993.

Call for Winter EJournal Articles

The Winter 2013 RIPD EJournal will feature articles on sustainable regional planning grants as awarded by HUD/EPA/DOT in 2012. If your agency or firm would like to contribute an article for the Winter 2013 edition of the RIPD EJournal, please contact editor Ron Thomas at ronthom230@charter.net.

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Inside APA - FHWA Releases Guidance on TAP-21

Among the most important changes to federal transportation programs in the new surface transportation law, MAP-21, is the consolidation of Transportation Enhancements and other bike and pedestrian programs into the new Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP).

With the new law taking effect on October 1, the Federal Highway Administration has now released detailed guidance on the new TAP program. DOT has previously released guidance on the implementation of other aspects of the law. Under MAP-21, TAP replaces the Transportation Enhancements, Safe Routes to School (SRTS), Scenic Byways, and Recreational Trails programs and combines current eligibilities with new activities. Total funding for TAP activities is set in the bill at 2 percent of the amount authorized for all federal-aid highways each fiscal year. Each state's funding share is based on its share of the total FY 2009 Transportation Enhancements funding.

For a more detailed description of the program, please visit APA's Policy News for Planners webpage at http://blogs.planning.org/policy/2012/10/23/fhwa-releases-guidance-on-new-transportation-alternatives-program/.

By Jason Jordan

APA Director of Policy and Government Affairs

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